Jakob Schubert

A one hour chat with Jakob Schubert, one of the very best competition climbers in the world.

Host and editor: Björn Pohl
Music by David Höglund
Published by Thom Hörnström

Matilda Söderlund

The beauty queen of Stockholm
  • 23 years old
  • From Stockholm, Sweden
  • Redpointed 8c+
  • Flashed 8b+ in the Frankenjura
  • Onsighted 8b numeroues times
  • 6th in the Lead World Championship 2012
  • Inventor of the word "Facegoodly"

Host and editor: Björn Pohl
Music by David Höglund
Published by Thom Hörnström

Adam Ondra

An interview with Adam Ondra, probably the best rock climber in the world. Ever.

We talk about...lots of things.

This podcast was made on location at the chalet where Adam was staying in Chamonix during the 2015 World Cup and European Championships.

Interview by Björn Pohl
Music/editing by David Höglund
Published by Thom Hörnström

Anthony ”Andy” Gullsten

Andy Gullsten is one of those super strong climbers who often operate just under the radar. Quiet and low key, he is none the less one of the best boulderers out there, with both 8C and 9a under his belt.

Recently, he managed to make the first flash ascent of King of limbs, ~8B/+, in Rocklands, South Africa.

The interview was done in Helsiniki, Finland, in May, but I don't think it's too dated.

Hope you enjoy it!

Born: December 20, 1991
From: Helsinki, Finland


  • Practice of the wild, ~8C, Magic Wood, Switzerland
  • ~10 8B+'s
  • ~65 8B's, one flash (King of limbs, ~8B/+)


  • 3 9a's
  • Total brutal, 8b, Zillertal, onsight
  • Slow food, 8b+, Céüse, flash

Host and editor: Björn Pohl
Music by David Höglund
Published by Thom Hörnström

Nalle Hukkataival

In this issue we talk to Nalle Hukkataival on how it all started, Pesäpallo, the Lappnor project, projecting, on difficulty and grading, competition climbing , quantum physics and much more.

Born: September 8, 1986 in Helsinki, Finland
Height: 173 cm (5.8')
Weight: ∼68 kg (150 lbs.)

Bügeleisen sds, ~8C, FA, Maltatal, Austria
Livin' large, ~8C, FA, Rocklands, South Africa
The Understanding, ~8C, FA, Magic wood/Averstal, Switzerland
Emotional landscapes, ~8C 2nd ascent, Maltatal, Austria
L'Alchimiste, 8?, Fontainebleau, FA after break, Fontainebleau, France


The Lappnor project
The Lappnor project

Host and editing in this episode is Björn Pohl

Music by David Höglund
Published by Robin Dahlberg

Kilian Fischhuber

In this issue we talk to Kilian Fischhuber about competitions, routesetting, Iran, and of course a lot more.

Born: 1 Aug 1983, Waidhofen an der Ybbs


  • World Cup 21 wins, 47 podiums, 5 times winner over all
  • European Champion 2013
  • World Championship silver 2005, 2012


  • Action directe and Underground, both 9a
  • Tai chi, 8c, flash in 2004, first 8c flash ever
  • Des Kaisers neue Kleider, 8b+ multi-pitch, 2009
  • Insanity of grandeur, From dirt grows the flower, Bügeleisen in 2015


  • La Sportiva
  • Red Bull
  • Edelrid
  • Chillaz
  • Smith Optics

Kilian supports

  • CAC
  • Wings for life
  • Climb for life


Host and editing in this episode is Björn Pohl
Music by David Höglund
Published by Robin Dahlberg

Ben Moon

In this issue we talk to Ben Moon about things like Hubble, how climbing has changed and evolved, chipping, grades, classic routes and style, in- and outdoor climbing, training... and quite a lot more.


Born: 1966

  • Iconic sport climber and boulderer from England.
  • One of those who played a key role in shaping the sport into what it is today.
  • First to climb 9a with Hubble in 1990.
  • Inventor of the Moon board.
  • Founder of Moon Climbing.

Some routes mentioned in the podcast

Hosts in this episode are Björn Pohl, Robin Dahlberg and Stefan Eklund.
Sound engineering by Calle Wachtmeister at Wachtmeister produktion.
Music by David Höglund.